Over the next ten years, we see Southside expanding the Kingdom of God by becoming a multi-generational congregation that meets the needs of people of every age. We will do this by transitioning our ministries and worship to better reflect the diverse cultures of the people in our community. We will transform into a church that meets the needs of our community. We will lower the barriers of participation while upholding the eternal truths of Scripture.


We see Southside building a bridge so that children and students mature into men and women who love the Lord. We will train parents in laying a strong spiritual foundation for their children, and we will work with them to build on it. We want to be a blessing to parents so they can be a blessing to their children, but not every child is blessed with parents involved in their spiritual growth. Because God is a Father to the fatherless, we will take special care to adopt spiritual orphans. We will lay those foundations if they haven’t been set. We will be a family-friendly church where young people always know they’re welcomed.


We see our church becoming a place for retired people to be redeployed into other areas of kingdom work. God blesses us with each day he gives us, and wisdom comes with those days. We will be a church were senior adults connect with younger people, so the younger generation can share in the wisdom that comes with a long and faithful walk with the Lord.


A decade from now, we see children breaking the chains of generational sin, students equipped to face spiritual opposition in school and college, college students engaged in kingdom work, fathers and mothers being the primary spiritual leader of their children, and senior adults redeployed after their retirement into different arenas of kingdom work.